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LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL - 19,20,21,27 & 28 October


This is a FREE event.

All screenings will be held in the Black Box Theatre (upstairs of the Community Arts Centre), corner Wingewarra and Gipps St.

Friday, 19 October 2018 

Join us for the launch of the 2018 Latin American Film Festival.

6.30 pm: Welcome Reception and Festival Opening

7.30 pm: Screening of Buen Dia, Ramon (GOOD DAY, RAMON, Drama - Mexico)


Saturday, 20 October, 2018

2.30 pm: A Shadow to the Front (Historical drama - Peru)

5.05 pm: The Claim (Documentary - El Salvador)

8.00 pm: The Dicaprio from Corozopando (Comedy - Venezuela)

Sunday, 21 October, 2018

2.30 pm: 60 Km/Hr (Documentary - Uruguay)

4.30 pm: Redemption (Drama - Paraguay)

7.30 pm: Benny (Drama - Cuba)

Saturday, 27 October, 2018

1.30 pm: September, A Silent Cry (Drama - Guatemala)

3.00 pm: A Secret in the Box (Documentary - Ecuador)

4.30 pm: Mother (Drama - Colombia)

7.30 pm: Gonzaga: From Father to Son (Drama - Brazil)

Sunday, 28 October, 2018

3.00 pm: Mirage (Thriller/Drama - Costa Rica)

4.40 pm: The Life of a Fish (Drama - Chile)

7.30 pm: T(Crime/Drama - Argentina)


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GOOD DAY, RAMON (Mexico) – Tells the heart warming  story of a young man from a small Mexican town who travels to Germany to find work to support his family and becomes stranded without shelter or money. He struggles to survive on the streets until he meets Ruth, a lonely senior citizen with whom he develops an astonishing and touching friendship that transcends borders and prejudices.

CROSSING A SHADOW (Peru) – Inspired by real events and set in the 20th century, this is the story of Enrique Aet, a young Peruvian engineer who seeks to connect the Amazon rainforest with the rest of Peru. While constructing roads and bridges, Aet has an accident which causes him to return to Lima. There he meets Doris a young bourgeois with whom he falls in love. He embarks on a trip to Europe and becomes a competent telegraph construction engineer. When he returns to Peru, he struggles to win the confidence of his native country to adopt the progressive ways of life in the Old Continent.

THE CLAIM (El Salvador) – A documentary about Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo, Archbishop of San Salvador who was assassinated by the death squads in 1980. Pope Francis’s decision to pave the way for Romero’s canoniszation created much division and controversy in the ecclesiastical institutions. The importance of Romero transcends that of El Salvador and in his honour the United Nations celebrates on 24 March each year the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims.

THE DICAPRIO FROM COROZOPANDO (Venezuela) – In the little town of Corozopando, the Mayor has always wanted to bring world recognition to his tiny town. Notwithstanding this farfetched aspiration, one night the prophecy of a spirit magically convinces the Mayor and his community to place their hopes in a child named Rubin, imposing on him the responsibility of bringing fame to the town. They called Rubin the “DiCaprio of Corozopando” and to hold faith with the town’s hopes, he proceeds to assume the responsibility given to him doing everything possible to bring the town fame and fortune.

60KMPH (Uruguay) – A documentary about the dream of Mario Sabah and his children to travel the world in their Mehari (small SUV car). During the 4 year journey, and without any financial support or sophisticated equipment, they travelled through 45 countries making this quaint travelogue as they ventured onwards.

REDEMPTION (Paraguay) – Jose Villabia is a former combatant of the El Chaco war between Paraguay and Bolivia during the 1930s and has discovered he has terminal cancer. He receives a visit from Marlene, the granddaughter of a man who fought alongside Jose in the El Chaco war. Marlene is seeking to find the truth about her grandfather through her contact with Jose. Despite some initial reluctance, Jose decides to embark on a trip with Marlene to discover the truth and unearth memories and secrets of the past.

BENNY (Cuba) – Based on the life of Benny More, during the 1950s when More leaves the Orchestra of Duany and starts his own “Banda Gigante”. Following his success in Mexico he becomes caught up in events connected to Batista’s coup in Cuba. He tours Venezuela and suffers the machinations of a vengeful businessman and later meets up with a former band member fallen on hard times.

SEPTEMBER, A SILENT CRY (Guatemala) – In the 1980s, Teresa loses her mother as well as her hearing in a terrorist’s bomb blast. Her father, Joshua, takes up the role of sole parent having to comes to terms with the proper conditions in which to bring up a deaf girl. Teresa has to leave school because she fails her music class. As she grows into womanhood she is determined to burst the overprotective bubble of her father and  seek her own path of enlightenment.

A SECRET IN THE BOX (Ecuador) – This documentary explores the life and works of Marcelo Chiriboga (1933-1990) an internationally known Ecuadorian writer and member of the “boom” generation. As a youth he was influenced by the Ecuador-Peru war and political compromise and became exiled in East Berlin where he wrote The Imaginary Line (1968) which made him famous in international writing circles but shunned in his own country. This film explores the complex relationships between history and art and also the forgotten aspects of Ecuadorian history, like its military past.

MOTHER (Colombia) – Victoria is an independent woman who lives alone but receives an unexpected visit from her daughter Sara  with whom she has not spoken for some time. She requests a favour of Victoria to look after Sara’s 7 year old daughter Nicole, for a few days. What ensues is a time of rediscovery for Victoria as the infectious youthful energy of Nicole causes Victoria to reconsider her relationship with her daughter.

GONZAGA: FROM FATHER TO SON (Brazil) – A complicated tale about popular pop music icon, Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Balao and his son Gonzaghuinha. As a young man Gonzaga leaves home for Rio in search of new horizons. He meets beautiful Odessa and they have a son but her health deteriorates and Gonzaga decides to go back on the road to secure a better future for his son and heir. This separation of father and son cements a distance between them that leads to a stormy  relationship enhanced by their strong personalities.

MIRAGE (Costa Rica) – Daniel, an insecure painter has lost his way in the world and is guided by his sub conscious on a surreal journey through madness and illusion to overcome his traumatic childhood and retake control over his life.

THE LIFE OF FISH (Chile) – Andre is a travel writer based in Berlin but back in Santiago at a party catching up with old friends. On the surface Andre appears to be living an exciting international life and yet something has drawn him back to Santiago. His friends at the party are bound by a common tragedy, an event which triggered his departure from Chile years ago. There is one person at the party he goes to great lengths to avoid, but is the person he most needs to see.

THE WEIGHT OF THE LAW (Argentina) – Gloria is a lawyer who throughout her career has never been able to successfully defend a client who was not guilty. Her new client seems to be not so different: a man accused of rape in a small town where no one believes his story.